Handicapping in the game of baseball


Baseball handicapping is quite different in terms of other sports. It is due to the utilization of money line in betting with the overwhelming impact which starting pitchers obtain on odds. If you are a beginner then you can try out your luck by first assessing the performance of every team. It will be better if you focus on a particular team to learn the tricks of this industry. Then other focusing areas involve category of the pitcher, whether home or away match or day or night match. It is easier to place bets if these factors are sorted out early.

Athletic skills to be a successful baseball player 



To be a successful baseball player requires a certain amount of dedication and commitment. One of the most important aspects is the core athletic skills or abilities. These skills play a great role in winning or losing a game. It allows them to compete with top level players who have a great level of hand-eye coordination. Take the clue from the below mentioned points:



It is significant part of the game and the ability to drive the ball over fence may give you an upper hand. Hitting the breathtaking shots on a consistent basis requires timing, confidence and a certain level of hand eye coordination. It is achievable by regular practice under reliable guidance.

Running speed:  

Many player and coaches tend to overlook this skill which counts. Running skills should be in full coordination with game situation, strength of opponents and route to run understanding. It is important to pay attention to coaches and trainers to be a better base runner than yesterday.


It requires timing, balance and arm strength to be able to throw the ball to benefit. Thus, it is very important to develop arm strength by practicing regular throw by maintaining the right technique.


Last but never the least, fielding and catching requires you to be aggressive and athletic in your approach. Practice hard to polish your skills of reaching a field spot quickly as catching the flying ball requires timing and anticipation.



How to be a better baseball player than yesterday


Baseball, like many other sports is a team game. It requires you to work on your weaknesses to perform better. At the same time, maintaining complete focus is extremely important to emerge as a winner. You must support your teammates and learn how to be a better player than yesterday. Listed below are some tips to guide you in this direction:

Work hard and practice harder

Every sport demands a certain level of dedication and commitment and it’s the same with baseball. You should be passionate about the sport and always work hard on improving your skills. Just like other games, you need to practice hard under the guidance of your coaches and trainers. Self belief is also important so that you can also encourage your team mates to get better. Always give your 100% with each without worrying about their outcomes.

Be a team player first

It is important to look beyond yourself and your individual study of the game. You’ll play each game as team against another team. As a result, get to know your teammates and help the team regardless of your individual role. There is no gain in giving your best without involving team mates which doesn’t result in victory. Even if your performance is average but results in victory due to being a team man, it will always count more.

Communicate with fellow team mates, coach and trainers

Playing a sport like baseball often requires you to perform under pressure. The level of competition has increased by leaps and bounds. It is important to communicate with all of those associated with your team. You can always learn something or the other from your team mates. Cheer for them when they’re playing well and continue to encourage them. If you are confused about how to deal with a particular weakness related to the game or your personal fitness, talk with the coach and support staff. They are experienced professional who can guide you to give your best.

Develop a proactive approach

In order to achieve excellence at anything, you must have the passion. Devotion towards the sport is important and don’t think twice to make sacrifices when required. Try to grow a proactive approach by watching old games, reading about the game, watching movies related to the game, playing baseball video games, etc. It will give you the drive to keep going and work hard on your game.       

10 things you need to know about baseball

I know a lot of you don’t follow the sport at all (but you must have guessed that I’m a Yankees fan right?), so I thought I’d put together a decent article on what you really need to know about the game this week as we head into a new season.

  • Baseball does not have a time clock. Yeap. How long each game is goes off of innings, which are divided into halves. Professional games are 9 innings.
  • Each inning starts with the away team batting first. The defense tries to keep the offense from dropping balls on them, and tries to get the offence ‘out’. After multiple outs, the teams will switch and it is now the defense’s turn to have a go at offense.
  • There is a pitcher and a batter. The batter tries his best to smack the ball, and not let the other team catch it for an out. The pitcher on the other hand tries to throw the baseball into the catcher’s gloves. I hope that sounds simple enough.
  • Equipment needed for the sport: surprisingly minimal. You obviously need a ball, a bat, a helmet to stop severe head injuries (the thing I don’t get about all American sports, you wear some sort of protection, which shows you how easy it is to get injured), and some gloves.
  • The baseball diamond is quite easy to follow as well. It is a wedge shaped field, with 4 bases you have to try your best to run around. I won’t go into specifics, but you have to know that there is such as thing as foul territory and non-foul territory. Confusing? Absolutely.
  • There are 9 positions on the field: pitcher, catcher, 3 basemen, shortstop, left, center and right fields. Basically, the fielders stop the batters and runners of the other team to get hits and score runs. Everybody else does the opposite. Easy enough I hope.
  • On the offensive side, there are hitters and runners. The hitter is self explanatory, he yields a big ass bat and tries to hit balls (lol). Once he manages to strike one, he then becomes a runner – his goal is to now make it around the diamond without getting smacked, touching all bases at the same time. If you complete all bases, you get a run. Whoop.

This has obviously been a super simplified version of baseball. If you still want to know more, check out this website.

Baseball player in critical condition

Man, this just makes me so sad.

According to Yahoo News, a baseball player is now in critical condition after being shot in a drive-by shooting somewhere in New York.

Wow. This man, formerly played in the minor leagues for the Oakland Athletics is currently fighting for his life. He was once shot in the head, and twice in the body at Burger King, of all places. Like, what the hell man. Who does that?

I sincerely hope the police solve this case. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The cops have said the suspect was alone, and drove a white or yellow sedan. The motive for the shooting is a mystery and nobody has been arrested. It is most likely a dispute.

Anyway, back to my rant. A bright young man, shot. I wish that this was totally an isolated incident, but it can’t have been good for the game.

You can read the full article here.

Top 6 Baseball Players Of All Time

** FILE ** Retired Yankees slugger Babe Ruth warms up with three bats before stepping to the plate at New York's Yankee Stadium, in an August 21, 1942 photo. He was 40, with a pot belly that couldn't be supported by his spindly legs and a growing realization his career was over. His batting average hovered nearly 200 points below his career mark, and his pitchers were unhappy with his inability to run down even the easiest of fly balls. (AP Photo/Tom Sande, file)

#1 Babe Ruth

Need I say more? This man is the living embodiment of baseball as we know it. Blessed with dominance we have not seen out of anybody since his time, he inspired so many people to play the game. Yes, we know he went hard on the steroids, but who really cares right? Everybody in the sport does it. Same reason we still support Lance Armstrong.

#2 Willie Mays

Another living great. Was definitely the best positional player of all time! He could do everything on the field, and that’s a scary thought. He finished his career with over 600 home runs, which is insane when you really think about it.

#3 Hank Aaron

The guy is a monster – the home run title holder for many, many years. This is impressive stuff. He’s so quick around the field and lightning foot speed helped him dominate. The best Brave ever. A true champion. Not many people truly appreciate his greatness.

#4 Ted Williams

Ted Williams was a phenomenal hitter, and a fantastic runner. Look, just trust me on this but there are many things you need to appreciate about the guy. Seriously, just look at his career numbers: 521 homers, .344 career average. Incredible. He is probably the best hitter in all of baseball.

#5 Ty Cobb

Not many people look up to this guy due to his dodgy personal life, but the argument still stands. There are plenty of people who believe that he should be the #2 best player of all time, but whatever. None of us are perfect with our behaviours, am I right? Just judge him on his phenomenal playing ability and you’ll appreciate what he can do.